Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mighty to save

Many times I used to doubt whether God can stretch forth the hand and save, at times I did doubt especially I couldn't forget the day when I was screaming in pain almost crying I was helpless back in home. My aunt and cousins didn't know what to do, but God never quit on me when people quit. When I was laying in bed in pain, this awesome song by hillsong kept ringing in my mind, the next morning I went through a series of medical examinations, the report came out! NORMAL! :)

That very day I wanted to remix that song in typical synth pop style and in regional language, I made this attempt at last! :) Successfully as a team, Thanks to Prince who came forward cheerfully when others put down and he did a major part by helping me a lot in making this awesome track, thanks to Shelly who came forward to sing this song to fill this with his blessed sweet voice :), Thank you all!

Friday, May 20, 2011


I was desperate one fine day and was just sitting alone watching the window, out of my desperation I have gone through many trials, so much of negativity, Some how I decided to lay my hand on keys and compose a tune.

Then out of desperation this tune came out in my mind and a beautiful lead was accompanied and nicely crafted by my mate Prince and video editing was done by Nic. God bless you all! Enjoy the instrumental. God bless you! :)


Hi this is Wesley Music Director of the band TEA. We are basically a team of four people who are under the record label synergy voices. In my younger years I was very much inspired by the electronic music. I was a DJ/RJ in some electronic music stations and really loved it. Since some of the tunes connected to my emotional self. I realized the power of music, the power it has to alter out emotions. So this time I have decided to make my own style of electronica that glorifies God, that soothes the heart, heals the wounds, mends the broken heart. Some are with Vocals and some without it.

On its way I have found one of my best friend and a brother Prince, who is an extremely well talented keyboard player and whose spirit and enthusiasm matches mine extremely well. He is an awesome guy without him, I would have never get into music so much, he is one of the main ingredient of this TEA.

I will be an unfaithful bloke if I didn't take time to take my mate Ryan, who opened the doors for me in music, who thought me a lot when everyone was in a hurry to push me down the stage when I was in the learning phase, even some spirit in the own band wanted me to push out and replace but without him my fingers wouldn't be on the keys and strings.

I love to thank and introduce Nic my other band member who is going to be the DJ for this crew and video/Flyer/Graphics editor, he is the fastest in the band! He shows up and gave a lot of hope that really gave me plenty enthusiasm to get in.

I also Thank my other bro Vicky who gave me an awesome training on how to handle the pressures, he is our visiting band member and I just love to have him in the crew.

Finally last but the most important I'm thanking Shelly who stood by me and who cheerfully popped in during the tough times, he is the manager of this band, lead singer and worship leader. He is awesome, he does more doing than talking, he inspired and being a source of inspiration to myself and plenty others. Without him I wouldn't have done this, without him I wouldn't have traveled thus far in music.

This is all about ourselves. We love your suggestions. Love and blessings to all.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A lot of people keep asking me Why Trance? Why electronic? Why not rock and roll or heavy metal? I have the answer. First thing electronic music is a big umbrella that has plenty of sub genres under it cover. I started listening to trance at my young age when I was around 8th grade.
Then a passion started to grow up deep inside me for that type of music starts in 4/4.

I first wanted to compose Christian songs in Electronic style but all I got was strong discouragement that its a drug music and its evil and I will burn in hell if I do that, though electronica is totally opposite of ear bleeding genres like heavy metal or hard rock, after some time the CCM started to grow up and reached up a peak popularity, many people started using synthetic voices and electronic sounds in CCM and the synthesizers reached its peak form.

Those things gave me a lot of positive encouragement! As a result of all this I started to compose my own style of music in the midst of a discouraging situation, as a result of long struggle this band TEA came out purely of Gods grace. I strongly believe any music that has been composed with the attitude of glorifying the creator, bringing peace and harmony to the hearts is Godly music. My strong desire is to bring up more n more tracks filled with emotions, love, peace and joy. Every note of mine should give glory to the creator it may be vocal or instrumental.

Keep us in your prayers! We love you all. Your suggestions are most welcome, God bless! :)